The COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to wreck our nation's economy and health, is particularly harsh in communities like our 33rd Senate District. The 33rd District has some of the poorest working-class communities in SELA. Prior to this alarming pandemic, our thousands of struggling tenants in the 33rd Senate District were already struggling to earn enough money to pay the rent. We have a dire situation where mothers, fathers, and hard-working people, in general, are unable to afford rent despite the fact they are working two or three jobs. Elected politicians are clearly removed from the rent crisis that has overwhelmed our community. The community has continuously witnessed the silence and complicity of politicians, in conjunction with greedy landlords, who care nothing about the plight of families. Many families are on the verge of being evicted and becoming homeless. We must fight for the rights of all our residents and secure Rent Control legislation in our district and in the state.


Corporations, like Carlton Forge, owned by world famous multi-billionaire Warren Buffett, have been polluting our air for decades with impunity. These polluters are located near schools, hospitals, and residential areas. Over the years, these polluters have been minimally sanctioned, which has resulted in the continuous poisoning of communities throughout the 33rd district. Hence, they have determined that it is cheaper for polluters to pay fines than to strive for clean energy machinery and processes. Again, our elected representatives have not championed our fight for clean air, land, and water. On the contrary, they have taken sizable political "donations" and enjoyed intertwined relationships with those polluting corporations. Those very relationships have resulted in increased wealth for the CEOs, which has allowed them to insert immense amounts of money to ensure the re-election of the politicians that continue to conspire and support the polluters. Meanwhile, the citizens of the 33rd district continue to be exposed to toxins that have resulted in life changing diseases such as cancer, asthma, chronic nosebleeds, and skin problems. We must put an immediate stop to the polluting corporations and enact strong, and lasting, anti-polluting legislation.



Amid the economic, health, and social devastation that is being caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our local representatives have done very little to significantly alleviate the continued suffering of our communities and families. The stimulus and economic relief given by the federal government has done extraordinarily little to protect our communities. Citizens are exposed to unsympathetic bosses who pay lip service to the heroism of "essential workers" while simultaneously denying a living-wage and hazard pay. The monumental pressure felt by our working people to choose between their health or losing their jobs has drastically increased the COVID-19 infections and fatalities in our district. Furthermore, employers have not been required to provide any additional health protection for their employees and are lobbying for employer immunity. Our workers need urgent legislation to protect them from uncaring greedy employers and the politicians that protect those employers.


Too many poor and working families must decide between paying rent, buying food, or going obtaining medical care. Millions of hard-working families throughout our nation cannot afford adequate healthcare, nor necessary medications. The inability to attain healthcare results in millions of Americans with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, respiratory diseases, and heart disease. Due to socioeconomic injustices, our immigrant and Latino communities, which are the majority in our district, are negatively impacted by healthcare disparities. The COVID-19 pandemic, which is affecting Latinos particularly hard, has only exacerbated the health crisis in our communities. No human being, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, social status, or any other diverse group, should ever be denied healthcare. The astronomical costs of healthcare have established a system exclusively for the wealthy and privileged and disregard the needs of 95% of Americans. We must fight for single-payer healthcare! We must fight for healthcare for all!



More than an individual political effort, Elizabeth Castillo is a mother, a hard-working registered nurse, and a socially conscious community organizer which is part of a growing community based movement for economic, environmental, and social justice. Elizabeth is proudly a corporate free candidate who will relentlessly fight for rent control, clean environment, single-payer healthcare and protection for our workers. An uncomfortable part of our country's history is an ugly legacy of racism. The current protests calling for the reforming of the policing in our communities has again highlighted the need to confront racism in all its forms.


Elizabeth will fight to end the structural racism which undeniably underlies health disparities and environmental injustices that predominantly affect black, brown, indigenous and poor communities. Elizabeth will fight for legislation to grant rent and mortgage forgiveness and stronger worker protections to thousands of workers and families in our 33rd district. 


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